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What a summer its been! 

As I've written about in in previous blogs I spent last year trying to get better at things, long story short it's been working! I've been travelling around S.A and gatherned a number of amazing stories and sends along the way. Watch this space!



Road trippin time

It's ready. For the past week I've been turning my little panel van into a kitted out micro-camper with the help and tools of a good friend. The skeleton is complete and M and I are off to climb some brilliant cliffs in Waterval-Boven as well as exploring a whole lot in between. Let the adventure commence 💪⛺️⛰🚐 @capestormza @hitec_sa


Epilepsy & Inspiration 

A week ago, I gave a presentation on my expeditions at Epilepsy South Africa's Annual General Meeting. The title sounds a bit bland but, those who attended were some of the bravest and most impressive individuals I've met. I've had Epilepsy for a long time now, yet I'm in a very fortunate position. Even though I've had a few episodes in the past couple of years, my medication is keeping everything under control, plus I have the most supportive people around me.

Epilepsy affects more than 500,000 South African and even with great organisations like Epilepsy S.A there is still a huge stigma towards it. Many people never tell their friends or family because they feel like they'll be judged or rejected.
The presentations and discussions became emotional, yet they grounded and left me inspired. A talented up-and-coming BMX rider, Justin Dekker, who has had epilepsy since he was a baby, spoke about how much he's managed to have achieved. He's transformed his self-image as being a  "sufferer" to racing the world's best regardless of the many people who have discouraged him from what he loves most. Another woman who has just recently been diagnosed built up the courage to come for help. She was in her late 40s and had recently been diagnosed, which frightened her tremendously, however, what was amazing was her will to find people to talk to- other individuals with epilepsy whom she could relate to and assist her in being proactive and in acceptance with it.
The people who run the provincial branches, find funding or go into communities to bring awareness to the condition. These kind committed folk are the ones who make sure that a scared child who is suffering from epilepsy is comforted and their teachers and family are made aware that there is nothing "wrong" with their student, son, or daughter.
Being diagnosed with epilepsy was tough and scary but, it would have been far worse if I didn't have the support of my family and Epilepsy SA to help me through it all. I sat and listened to beautiful stories that left a lump in my throat. It's so important to see ordinary looking people who are actually accomplishing great feats every single day.
I'm so proud to be an ambassador of Epilepsy SA because it has given me the opportunity to meet such wonderful and strong people as well as allowing me to share my experiences in the mountains that could possibly inspire others who may have felt disempowered to step up and climb their mountain.      

Go to Epilepsy SA Website for more information



Its Chilly In The Kape!

I managed to escape the books this weekend to get chilly toes with my best mate, Henko! Thanks to Osprey, Hi-tec and Capestorm


The Final Push 


I saw a family of meerkat today with 3 little ones! My heart sank... 20 km to go. I'm happy to leave the saddle for a while, relax and I can't wait to see Marine later. This has been one rad way to experience this beloved country of mine! #kape2kalahari #ecotravel